Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar.....

I am somewhat thankful for not being fired today. I mean, honestly, what would I do if I didn't have to work tomorrow? Perhaps a career as a GQ model (in the Braille edition, of course)...

They could NEVER get rid of me... After all, what would Popcorn be without the PatMan? I AM CORN!!!!!!!!! That didn't quite have the same impact I imagined once I screamed it out loud.

Regardless... another day, another dollar. I am looking forward to the weekend. Friday and Saturday night at the Comedy Club in Warwick is always good for a "pick me up." It will make me forget that my house is worth about as much as a pack of gum and that my 401-k is now a 101-k.

Makes me long for the days that I recklessly spent every dollar I made on booze and whores! Just kidding - it was every other dollar. I just had a total flashback to Sue's Rendezvous in Mount Vernon listening to Samantha Fox and rolling up dollar bills if you know what I mean. Ahhh... the 80's were fun. Wish I had the slightest clue what the 90's were all about - but I was completely wasted for much of them. I hear they were fun. Anyone care to share a story?

I just had this horrible vision of getting canned and having to move in with my Mother. Now, for those of you that have met her (or seen her photo on the Quaker Oats box) - you will agree that chewing broken glass would be a more pleasurable experience. I'd sooner live in a shoe!

On a completely random note, I encountered a total HOTTIE in the office today but failed to make a good impression when I tripped up the stairs flinging my piping hot Starbucks at innocent bystanders. I do know how to make an "grande" entrance - but burn cream is a bit over the top - even for me. Sorry all!

It's incidents like this one that makes it very clear why I do not get laid! I need to carry Personal Injury Insurance.

..................... Excuse me............................ (I just ripped one and felt it necessary to be polite.)

That's all from me...... Seacrest Out!

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